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Tiny House Workshop - Sunday 11th February 1-4pm

£25.00 Coming soon
Tiny House Workshop - Sunday 11th February 1-4pm

Tiny Houses (or whatever you fancy) Workshop AGAIN!!

Due to popular demand, a second tiny house (or whatever you like) workshop!
I would recommend booking fast as all previous attendees wish to return and these places are first come first served. Also due to requests from the previous workshop, I have increased to time to 3 hours so everyone can really 'get their hands dirty', but I have only raised the cost minimally.

Busy hands, creative minds, good company, happy you!
I heard your calls and invite you to a workshop of making at Giles Gallery.
Spend a couple of hours chilling out around like-minded people as we let our creativity loose and explore bringing materials together to create… whatever you want really.

I’ve spent the last three months a little overwhelmed (more than a little) and have found when I make time to busy my hands and focus my mind, I find a peace and a confidence in myself, regardless of the outcome. The very process of making is cathartic and satisfying and I invite you to take some time out with me and just DO.

I know many of you let me know how sorry you were to miss out on last years dark month workshops that i had planned, to ignore the whole 'new year, new me' toxic mantra and embrace the ' BE ME! just BE'!
Last year dealt some pretty rough blows and, while still recovering, this workshop theme has helped me so much, so I wanted to share it with you, finally!

Price covers all materials *, aprons and equipment, light refreshments and online booking fee. non - refundable, full payment secures your place in the workshop.

*if you have some interesting pieces that you've collected and would like to incorporate into your creation, by all means, bring them along.

Age 16+ due to requiring independent sharp/ hot equipment use.

Present receipt of ticket purchase at time of event to gain entry.

On the day of the event, please use the side entrance on Palalwyf Avenue.